Samsung How to Wirelessly Charge Any Samsung Device This last time wireless charging has been a great …

This last time the wireless charges They have been a great option for many people, but the bad part is that not all devices are compatible with this charger that is on the market. If you have a Samsung terminal, I will tell you what options you have to be able to charge it wirelessly, in this way you will not have more problems with cables.

The truth is that this type of charge is only available on mobile phones that are high-endTo be more specific, the last ones that have been launched on the market, but you do not have to worry because below you will see several tricks with which you can perform a wireless charge on any device from the Korean company Samsung.

How to wirelessly charge the Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3, J5, J7

The latest mobiles that I launch Samsung are the Galaxy S6 and S7 which have the wireless mobile charger, but not everyone has the possibility of buying one of these since the price is quite high. However, as I told you before there are several ways you can charge your device wirelessly and you don’t need to have such an expensive phone.

So I’ll go on to tell you how is that You can wirelessly charge the Galaxy J1, J2, J3, J5 and J7, mid-range mobiles that are inexpensive and with very good specifications.


There are some adapters for wireless charging of the same Samsung brand, these they are a small thin plate that has to be placed above the battery and under the back cover. This adapter connects directly to the charging receiver, with this small accessory you can charge your mobile without cables. You can usually find it in phone accessory stores or online.


Qi housings

The truth is that these cases are very useful as they can be purchased at a fairly affordable price. These generate an electromagnetic field which will make wireless charging much more effective. It is a back cover that has an adapter with which you can have this benefit, you can find them in accessory stores as well as adapters or online. There are usually for all models, but unfortunately it will take you some time to start enjoying this because you have to find one that works..

These two options that I mentioned are very good and recommended by thousands of users, lately more and more people decide to charge their phones in this way because the truth is that it is much more comfortable. Even though the best part is that they are inexpensive options and you will not have to buy a new device to have this benefit.