Samsung My Samsung fell into the water, how can I repair it? In recent years, there have been more and more manufacturers …

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have been interested in launching mobile devices that could withstand somewhat more extreme conditions, such as being submerged in water, or receiving some drops on their screen without causing damage such as in the past. However, we know that most smartphones still do not have IP protection or certification, and it is in these cases that we especially recommend being careful when we are in the bathroom, near a pool, etc.

To this we have to add later that although there are many mobile manufacturing companies, the one that usually sells the most in all markets in the world is Samsung, and for this reason, on this occasion we wanted to teach you how to solve these issues in the fastest and easiest way possible. Yes you have a Galaxy terminal from Samsung and it got wet, we will try to offer you some of the solutions that we think you should take into account, to revive it and cause as little damage as possible.


Trying to fix a wet Samsung

Well, if you then have a Samsung Galaxy mobile device that has gotten wet, the first thing you should do is remove the battery, although of course we know that not all the terminals of the Korean firm let us do that. In case you can, we recommend that you remove it as gently as possible, dry it with a cloth, and at the same time, that you make sure that it does not have any type of lint or other elements of dirt that can cause damage when we replace the battery.

Secondly, once you have removed the battery, the next step has to do with looking for a fairly large container, enough for the smartphone to enter it, and fill it with raw rice, placing the device in the rice, covering it if possible. The truth is that rice is capable of recovering the moisture that has remained in the equipment, and it is a much better solution than throwing heat with a dryer, or things like that, in the end they do nothing more than harm its operation.

No matter how anxious you are for your device to work again, you have to keep in mind that you must allow approximately 48 hours until we can remove it from the rice, so that it can do its job, and as always, here it is advisable not to cheat. that we can afford it too expensive. When we are going to turn it on again, what we always recommend is clean everything again with a cloth, both the battery and the space where it is located, and then restart it.

The normal thing is that if you have been careful and you have not tried to use the wet phone, there are good chances that with the restart it will start working as it should, although it is also true that in some cases we may not get it to recover its life. Indeed, we must say then that If the equipment has been dropped into salty water such as sea, or dirty water, you may have to take it directly to the manufacturer or operator, to try that the professionals can recover it.

Have you been able to recover your wet Samsung with this trick?