Samsung The “Factory Reset protection” of the Samsung. It is possible to skip it The idea of ​​avoiding a Factory reset is for, in a few …

Samsung The “Factory Reset protection” of the Samsung. It is possible to skip it The idea of ​​avoiding a Factory reset is for, in a few …

The idea of avoid a factory reset It is for, in a few words, in case the owner of the device loses it, whoever has it cannot perform a Factory reset so the only option would be to use the device like this or return it to the original owner.

They say it’s a good idea in case of theft, I don’t see it as such a good idea either, but, well. The point is that the Factory Reset Protection Of which so much was commented and so good that it seemed it is actually possible to skip it and hit hard to reset that Samsung, it is not exactly an easy task to do but it is possible, yes.

samsung factory reset

Skipping Samsung’s FRP

Some time ago I worked in a mobile device store and the number of people who came in asking to unlock their Smartphone is really incredible because for example they forgot the pattern to unlock it. In some cases it is possible to regain access to the mobile phone by entering the Gmail email account with which you configured it, the issue is that on some occasions it turns out to be a false account or you do not even remember its password, etc.

Then we have the other side and it is when our mobile phone is stolen or we lose it and obviously we do not want anyone to access our information, but at the same time we do not want them to delete it, The idea then of Factory Reset Protection is exactly that, that they cannot eliminate the information that we have stored in it with a factory reset.


The problem is that RootJunky found an xploit that can make it possible to reset any Samsung that has this protection such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and even the Galaxy Note 7.

It is not too easy to carry out this process because the reality is that it is quite long and possibly without advanced knowledge on the subject you will not achieve absolutely anything, but leaving that aside, We can see in this video that accompanies the post the complete process to be able to carry out this task.

As always in the technological world, no kind of security system lasts forever and possibly what we were talking about earlier is a clear example of what I mean. A pity for Samsung, the idea inside everything was good.

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