Samsung Voice recorder, steps to use it in SamsungMobile phones have become an essential tool both …

Mobile phones have become an essential tool for both leisure and work, which is why many devices incorporate voice recorder, as with Samsung models.

This tool allows you to easily record ambient sound, automatically saving a copy of the audio captured by the phone’s microphone.

How to use the voice recorder on the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 incorporates two microphones, one on the top of the device and one on the bottom, which can be used with the recorder.

This device has various recording formats. At normal mode the phone uses both microphones, on the interview mode One-way recording is carried out using only the microphone on the top of the phone to pick up the sound while avoiding noise. The option conversation records sounds in two directions, while the option voice note record the voice and convert the note into on-screen text.

To use the voice recorder on the Galaxy S5 you have to go to Apps> Recorder. By clicking on the icon with a recorder with a cogwheel, you access the recorder settings and choose the preferred recording mode. Pressing the red button starts recording.

voice recorder

Make adjustments to the recording

These settings may vary from model to model, but they are usually quite similar across all Samsung devices.

To access the recording settings, click on the options button and then about Settings, then choosing the setting you want to make (change the volume, reduce the noise volume, change the file name, etc.)

Play a file

Once the recording is finished you can listen to what was recorded, for this you have to click on the icon with three vertical stripes at the bottom left of the screen. You select the file you want to play and it starts to listen immediately.

In the lower bar there are a series of options with which you can make adjustments in the edition.

General settings in files

All audio files have settings that we can modify. To carry out this action in the recordings window, click on the button More Settings. We are then allowed to select multiple files; sort by date, name, category or location; filter by category; edit categories and enter the settings for each recording.

voice recorder

Settings in a single file

To make adjustments to a single file click on it, pause it, go to options and select the setting to be made (delete, rename, define as, write to voice tag, details).

Steps to share a file

Files recorded with a Samsung recorder can be easily shared by using click on the icon with three vertical stripes in the lower left corner of the screen, click on the file that you want to share until a green check appears (you can select several at the same time) and then click on the share button, indicating the medium through which you want to share the audio.

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