Send your name to Mars with NASA

NASA has long advanced its Mars exploration program, and one of its long-term goals is to get humans to the red planet. That event may still take many years to become a reality, and it is also possible that many of us may not live long enough to see the red planet with our own eyes. However NASA in its space program Orion which aims to bring humans to Mars, is giving us ordinary people the possibility of taking our name to Mars less.

Send your name to Mars

NASA Orion spacecraft

For this month of October, on the official NASA website, a registration form has been opened, where people can register their name and nationality. This list of names will be stored on the chips of the ships that are part of the Orion program and in the not too distant future, they would be taken to the red planet. When you register, you receive a ticket to “enter” the orion.

Send your name to Mars

This is my boarding pass for Orion ????

On December 4 of this year, the first test trip of the Orion mission will be carried out by a spacecraft that will orbit the earth twice to return again. The goal of this first voyage is to test the ship’s systems and its heat shields. However, the chips that contain our names would be included not only in this first mission, but in later missions whose destination is the red planet.

So what are you waiting for? Send your name to Mars, run to register on the NASA page and get your boarding pass. It is possible that in a few decades our names will be seen in a Martian museum by our grandchildren.

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