Skype 2.6 beta adds call forwarding

Skype enables Mac, Linux, or PC users to send or receive calls over the Internet using VoIP technology. The software works in a similar way as iChat and other voice chat technologies do, even offering additional instant messaging, SMS and video conferencing capabilities, except that in this case calls can also be sent and received to or from land lines or conventional mobiles (through additional options for payment).

This new version of Skype for Mac incorporates the call transfer feature. This feature, which is a first for the Mac version, allows incoming calls to be transferred to other users in the Skype contact list. The new version also improves audio quality and improves product stability.

System requirements are 800MHz G4 or faster, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, 512MB RAM, 40MB available hard disk space, microphone, optional webcam, and broadband internet connection wide. Skype is available as a Universal binary.