Skype Register in Skype, steps to do it Today there are a large number of tools that …

Today there are a large number of tools that allow us to communicate easily and also for free from our computer or from a smartphone. One of the best known applications is Skype. If you want to use this popular communication tool, pay attention, we explain how sign up for Skype.

From Messenger to Skype

Microsoft has always been very present in the instant messaging sector. We all remember the mythical Microsoft Messenger, which for years allowed us to communicate with people around the world without having to share personal data, only through email.

Messenger was a revolution in its time and was widely used by the younger generations, thanks largely to incorporating fun communication elements such as emoticons or the buzzing.

Little by little Microsoft was developing new products and I believe Skype in order to give it a more professional use. This tool was used for instant messaging, but also allowed to do calls and video calls for free.

With the passage of time Microsoft Messenger was falling into oblivion and some time ago Microsoft decided to permanently close this service that had given so many successes and bet on Skype.

Sign up for Skype

Steps to sign up for Skype

Today Skype is one of the most popular instant messaging systems worldwide and is used both professionally and for private communications. If you want to use it, you will be interested in knowing what to do to sign up for Skype.

The first thing to do is visit the Skype web and click on “Log in”. The login page opens and we click on “Create new account”, now you have to fill in a form requesting us: name, surname, email address, email confirmation, date of birth, country or region, city, language, password and password confirmation.

We fill in all the fields and click on “I agree. Continue”, we already have our Skype account created.

Download Skype

If you want to use Skype you can do it directly from their website, without having to download any program. For a more practical and faster use what you can do is download the application from the website.

Click on the download area and when the installation begins, a wizard will appear to guide you through it.

Nowadays you can also use Skype from a mobile or tablet, in this case what you have to do is download the application for free from the application store that corresponds to your device. The Skype application is available in the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

Sign up for Skype

You can also download the application for Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle Fire, Xbox, wearables and smart TV on Skype’s own website.

You can enjoy this instant messaging system on practically any electronic device, do not miss the opportunity to always be in contact with your friends and family.

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