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Snapchat has become a revolution and has millions of users worldwide. Although the application has been around for some time, it has been in recent months that it has started to become especially popular. If you like this app, today we will tell you how to put filters on snapchat.

The original idea of ​​Snapchat was to be able to share photos with our contacts for a limited time, thus promoting spontaneity by knowing that the photo will not be available to anyone nor will it be around the Internet.

The idea succeeded, but users demanded new improvements to continue having fun and soon the filters arrived. With them we can turn a simple selfie into a fun and very original photo.

How to put filters on Snapchat

How to put filters on Snapchat

The filters function is designed to be used with the front camera of our mobile. We can raise our eyebrows, spit rainbows, etc.

For a time these filters were only available to Snpchat users through ios, but the demand was so great that now they are also available for devices Android.

To start the first thing we have to do is download snapchat. In the link that we have left you can see a tutorial to download this application in a simple way and without any problem.

Once we have downloaded the application and have registered in this social network, it is time to start having fun.

We enter Snapchat and select the front camera to take a selfie, making sure that there are no other elements on the screen besides our face.

We press the screen long enough for it to recognize our face and the option to create a photograph appears. Then on the right side of the screen we can see the different filters that we can add. We choose the one we want and share the photo with whoever we most like, it’s that simple.

How to put filters on Snapchat

The simplicity of retouching photos

It is precisely that simplicity when it comes to editing photos and using filters that is one of the keys to Snapchat’s success. Unlike what happens with other social networks focused on photography, as for example with Instagram, here we do not need to resort to photo retouching apps to make our snapshots original and different.

Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that while users are looking for perfection in other social networks, in this case it is about having fun, so the more original and even more ridiculous the photo is, the better.

Snapchat continues to break the mold, which is why it is currently one of the most appreciated applications by the younger generations.

This popularity has caused the price of this application to skyrocket to $ 16 billion, although as has happened in previous cases, it truly it is not clear that the application can actually have this market value.

Your opinion interests us. Do you like snapchat? What is your favorite filter?