Sony How to Factory Reset your Sony Xperia and Make It Like New When it comes to software related problems one of the…

Sony How to Factory Reset your Sony Xperia and Make It Like New When it comes to software related problems one of the…

When it comes to software related problems one of the best solutions is factory reset or hard reset phone. This process is not complicated at all, although you have to take certain things into account before carrying out it and also the most important thing is that all personal data and files that you have on the phone will be eliminated, something extremely important to take into consideration before to carry out this process, the ideal would be make a backup copy to your computer or even to a microSD.


Whether you have a malfunction problem or simply the Smartphone works slow and it turns out that you just bought it, it does not work that way. So with a factory reset this problem is solved. Remember also in this particular case, that the more things your Smartphone has, whether installed or stored, it is normal that it becomes a little slower.

Restart your Sony Xperia

When we talk about restarting it is a normal restart, although it can help because remember that mobile devices are currently like computers and from time to time, it is good to restart them to avoid that they continue to work slowly.

For restart the Sony Xperia just press and hold the power button and a pop-up window will appear that has several options, including restart. In case it is not, press turn off, wait a few seconds and turn it on again, it is the same.

Factory reset Sony Xperia

This is already a bit more complicated, but don’t think it’s too difficult. Only make sure you have 100% battery, something that is extremely important, do not take it lightly.

Sony Xperia

Once everything is ready and after having saved all our data and personal files. What you should do is go to Settings, then you should go to “Backup and restore“And once there the only thing left is to press on”factory data reset”. Once you mark the options you want, you must press the button that says “erase everything“As you will realize, it will leave the phone without anything that YOU have installed or stored in it. However, all the apps and factory settings will be there, as if you had just purchased the mobile device.

The operation in terms of software refers, it will be the same as when you acquired it. So whatever the reason, if you had a problem related to software, it is solved this way. In case it continues to malfunction, we recommend you go to a technical service because in that case it would already be a hardware problem.