Sony introduces its “Walkman” video player

The Walkman NW-A800 series will go on sale, initially in Europe, starting in April. Subsequently, the new Sony MP3 players with video will be available for sale in the rest of the world, although at the moment Sony has not given more information. In Europe, three models will go on sale: the NW-A805, A806 and A808. The main difference is its storage capacity, of 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB, respectively.

They have a 2-inch QVGA LCD screen (a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels) and play music in MP3, WMA and ATRAC (Sony compression) formats. It also allows direct compression of files to MP3 within the player itself, but this feature greatly reduces battery life. Regarding video, it plays files encoded in MPEG4 H.264 / AVC.

The NW-A805 is priced at € 180, the NW-A806 is € 230 and the NW-A808 is priced at € 300. Although it is very difficult to make a comparison between these devices and the video iPods based solely on the price (since the iPod has a larger screen, it is bulkier and heavier than the new Sony Walkman), it should be noted that the model Apple’s 30GB version is priced at 279 EUR. In short, it is cheaper than Sony’s 8GB model. The measurements of the new Sony Walkmans are approximately 4.4 cm x 8.8 cm x 0.9 cm (width x height x thickness) and weigh 53 grams.

Actually, this is not the first “Walkman with video” from Sony, surely some will remember that this recognition corresponds to the GV-8 model that was put on sale in August 1998 and that played “Video 8” tapes recorded with video cameras. that era. At that time the price of this device was around $ 820.