Sony Specifications of the Sony Shake 99 and its price, quite accessible This is one of the best Sony products so …

This is one of the best Sony products so if what you are looking for is a sound that is powerful and of very good quality then I recommend that you buy Sony Shake 99. At present it can be difficult to find a good sound system that adapts to what you want since they are either very large or very small (in every sense) for this reason is that one of the best purchases you can do is this.


Today I will tell you the Features and price of the Sony Shake 99 so you have no doubts about this stereo that offers you a powerful and quite clear sound.

Features of the Sony Shake 99

The Sony Shake 99 features 4-way speaker design that is for explosive 4800 RMS soundThen you can see the Sound Pressure Horn which makes your music files sound higher than CD quality and restores high-pitched and mid-range sound. Too has built-in LED lights and Dj effects that will help you create a better party atmosphere.

You can connect it to your television to listen to everything with a better sound, if you want you can play the songs you have on your mobile just using One-touch to be able to connect via Bluetooth. But you don’t need to limit yourself to the DJ booth since you can also download the SongPal app with which you can turn your device into a remote control. Although it also has dual USB ports and a dust-proof CD drive which so you can connect it to your computer or reuse each of your favorite discs.


Sony Shake 99 Specifications

Amplifier output details: The output power is 4800W

PPAL unit. (W. X H. X PR.): 500mm x 220mm x 380mm

Front Speaker (W X H X PR): 610mm x 945mm x 500mm

Electronic consumption while running: 700 watts

Sony Shake 99 Price

Currently there are few sound equipment that can be obtained at a good price. In many cases the difference in money is so small that sometimes it is better to pay a little more and have something of good quality. In this case the Sony Shake 99 costs around $ 750 on Amazon but there are few that you can find for sale. The truth is that this team it is only available in multistores in America and Europe so if you are from another place you may have to buy it yes or yes on the Internet.