South Park is created with Mac computers

The series takes place on a weekly basis in a production studio where several dozen Macs are connected to each other to achieve a “farm” of computers with high rendering rates.

In the report published by Apple, the workflow that is carried out in the preparation of each episode is explained, and it reviews the migration that the company has carried out: from SGI workstations to Mac, as well as that the presentation Maya for Mac was the main factor that made the platform change.

The creative studio is running fast, according to the report, with 120-hour workweeks to meet episode completion deadlines and employees working virtually against the clock to get South Park episodes ready for the week in which are scheduled to be issued.

“We have a very complex job that has to be done very quickly and we have to know that we can trust the machines we operate regardless of what we create on them,” says JJ Franzen, the technical director of South Park Studios. “That’s why we use Macs.” “With Apple and Mac OS X, the transition from production can be done easily.”