Squeeze improves your compression and encoding capabilities

This new update, according to the developer, improves the performance of the tool in the facet of video compression and encoding, and introduces new features.

Now includes a coding report system.

Now the software displays the name of any file with an error and the error information while continuing to encode other files that were sent to encode later.

The bug report can be saved as a text file, which can be sent to Sorenson for troubleshooting if necessary.

The file name that had a 32 character limit has been raised to 63 characters.

Alpha channels can now be scrambled while scaling, while allowing Sorensen Squeeze 4.3 and 4.5 to coexist on the same hard drive.

Small “pops” have been removed in MP3 files, it has an even more robust noise reduction filter, and memory problems when encoding with the H.264 codec have been resolved.

Web: www.sorensonmedia.com.