Super Mario The best Mario Bros-style games for Android mobilesIf we had to recap about what the …

If we were to recap about which are the most important video game franchises in history, practically few would have doubts that the famous Mario Bros is at least in the top 10 or 5 positions of any list. Indeed, this famous character that gave rise to the franchise developed by Nintendo, is one of the great classics in history, launched to world recognition since it is available for Nintendo and Super Nintendo consoles.

Of course, Everyone who has ever been entertained by Mario Bros, you will know that the title has a main character that is none other than Mario, usually accompanied by his right hand Luigi, and together they have to face all kinds of challenges and overcome them, of course. Basically, all Mario does is run, walk and jump on the platforms, eliminating the enemies that appear, something that he does easily by jumping on their heads, at least until he reaches his destination: free Princess Peach .

Undoubtedly, Mario Bros is one of the best platform games in history, and it is for this reason that many people have downloaded and played the different alternatives in Mario Bros games for Android available, although of course, it is also possible that they have already surpassed them all. If this is your case, what we recommend is that you review this article in which We are going to show you up to three alternative titles to Mario Bros for Android phones, which will surely entertain you in a big way.

The best games similar to Mario Bros

Super Tux: Super Tux is the first of the alternative games to Mario Bros that we think you should know in detail when it comes to entertaining yourself with a platform system of this style. Indeed, it must be said in this sense that it is also a side scrolling game that bets on adventure as its raison d’être. Here the main character is a penguin, yes, but the mechanics of the title are quite similar, and it can become a great option for both adults and young people.

Secret Maryo Chronicles: now we fall into the second of the games similar to Mario Bros. for Android, Secret Maryo Chronicles, and in this case one that we can see in the image that accompanies the article, and that is undoubtedly quite inspired by the original game. The graphics is directly the same as that of the Nintendo franchise, and we will have to overcome all the levels, with movements almost traced to those of Mario Bros.

Giana Sisters: and we finish this article about the best Super Mario-style games for Android mobiles, by the hand of Giana sisters, a title that has little to do but that adds not only elements of this original franchise but also of Sonic, another highly valued. About this title, it should be noted above all that it has brought together the best of both, in addition to the fact that its graphics are very well made, and that it is extremely fun.

Which of these Mario Bros-style games for Android mobile devices do you like the most?