Super Micro says internal audit found "no malicious hardware"…

Super Micro, Super Micro Bloomberg, Super Micro audit, Super Micro Chinese Investigative Agencies, Super Micro Spy Hardware, Super Micro Motherboard Spy, Apple Super Micro, Amazon Super Micro Super Micro says an audit found no evidence of spy hardware on their motherboards.

Super Micro has told its clients that a third-party security audit refuted a report Bloomberg Businessweek saying that their motherboards had been compromised by Chinese investigation agencies. In a letter sent to its customers, the San Jose-based motherboard maker says an audit found no evidence of spy hardware on its motherboards.

“As we have said repeatedly since these complaints were reported” CNBC CEO Charles Liang reports saying: “No government agency has ever informed us that they have found malicious hardware in our products; no customer has ever reported to us that they found malicious hardware in our products; and we’ve never seen any evidence of malicious hardware in our products. “

Reuters reports that the company named Nardello & Co conducted an investigation on behalf of Super Micro. Nardello reportedly tested motherboard samples, including production ones and those that had been sold to Amazon and Apple.

In October, a Bloomberg The report claimed that some Super Micro motherboards contained a malicious chip connected to their Chinese assembly lines by Chinese spies. The report further claimed that some of these servers did so on the networks of government agencies and large technology companies such as Apple and Amazon. Both Apple and Amazon publicly denied the report.

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Super Micro CEO Charles Liang published a letter refuting Bloomberg’s claims on October 18, saying that “no one has shown us a motherboard that contains any unauthorized hardware chip, we are not aware of any unauthorized chip, and no government agency has advised us of the existence of any unauthorized chip. “