SyncTogether, syncing Macs without .Mac

The software works with people who have more than one Mac or with groups of people who want to share information. This program allows you to synchronize the contacts of the Calendar, the tasks and events of iCal, the favorites of Safari, the mail settings of Mail as well as the filters created in said mail program. It also works with Entourage 2004, Mark / Space Notebook, Yojimbo, and other applications that make use of Mac OS X 10.4’s Sync Services synchronization technology.

Since the software uses Sync Services technology, SyncTogether works automatically with applications that also support it, taking into account that it is a point-to-point technology that works without requiring a server. It supports Apple’s Bonjour technology and works over local area networks (LAN). It also allows you to synchronize computers over the Internet using the IP-based address.

In the event that you prefer to maintain privacy on some of the information, the program allows you to synchronize individual groups of the Agenda and the selected calendars. An additional layer of security can also be added by password protecting and encrypting synchronized information. SyncTogether supports Automator and automation via AppleScript.

SyncTogether 1.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later. The license price is $ 49.95 and can be used on up to three computers.