Tabata Workout Timer applicationsWhen highlighting which have been the segments of …

When it comes to highlighting the application segments that have grown the most in recent years, we can practically not stop considering some in a specific way, such as training. The truth is that if we go to the Google Play Store right now, we can find a huge number of apps specially designed for those who like to train.

Specifically, we can see that there are applications for those who love to go running, others for those who spend a good part of the day in the gym, and then some more specific for other workouts. Many of them are really good, and in this particular case we wanted to stick with one that we think will be very helpful. for those who like to keep fit.

It is neither more nor less than Tabata Workout Timer, and in the first instance we must say that it is one of the physical training applications that has been growing the most in recent times, one that you must necessarily consider. Next, we are going to review some of the reasons why we believe that the Tabata Workout Timer is one of those options that everyone should consider.


How does Tabata Workout Timer work?

Starting then with the analysis of the main features of Tabata Workout Timer, we have to point out that it is an application specially developed for training lovers. Indeed, if you want not only to train, but also to have precise knowledge of how many calories you burn, the amount of time you spend exercising, and much more, this app may be for you.

Tabata Workout Timer is in essence a kind of regulator of our training time, not in general terms, but rather concrete, insofar as we can establish different phases to take into account, such as, for example, the warm-up time first, then the exercise time, the times that pauses or breaks take us , and until the moment of cooling.

As you can see Tabata Workout Timer is an application that can be well adapted to the requirements of the most demanding users when it comes to support platforms for physical training. Of course, we can even synchronize it with the main heart rate devices on the market, obtaining from them all the additional information you are looking for.


Fully customizable alarms

Tabata Workout Timer has an alarm-based system, so that it perfectly establishes all the times in which we should be training, but also those in which we should rest a little. In this way, we can plan the trainings even if they are independent of each other, or especially when we have a target event in the near future.

Tabata Workout Timer allows us to constantly select our own music in the same way as a background during training and we know that what we hear can be vital in this sense to give the best. And as you complete training, you will have the possibility to view all of them within the internal calendar application of this platform.

If you don’t want your mobile to use up too much battery, Tabata Workout Timer also adapts to the requirements in that sense, with the advantage that we can leave it running in the background, or with the screen turned off. In fact, in those cases we can establish that the alarms appear on the lock screen or in the status bar, so it is not that the app leaves us far from it.

As we said before, the customization margin of Tabata Workout Timer is really wide, to the extent that we can create timers, eliminate them, modify some of their details, etc. In the same way, we have the possibility of establishing specific frequencies or phases, in addition to displaying the partial or total times of our workouts.


No unnecessary ads or permissions

Another question that we understand that possibly many users of Tabata Workout Timer will know how to value has to do with what It is not an intrusive application, far from it, as you can see. And we say this because unlike some others, it does not ask us for more permissions than are strictly necessary, nor does it fill us with annoying advertisements or advertisements.

Of course, then Tabata Workout Timer is much more than just a stopwatch, as we cannot recommend it only for people who go running for sport or to maintain their weight, but others who intend to perform yoga or meditation sessions, even for exercises of any type of learning, may also take advantage of it, thanks to its system of customizable timers and alarms.

Similarly, thanks to the synchronization of the Tabata Workout Timer with other devices that analyze heart and training data via Bluetooth, we can complement the application itself. Thus, as we can observe, It is a really complete option when thinking about having a kind of training assistant directly on our mobile device.

Tabata Workout Timer is an application that we can recommend to all those users who perform gym training sessions, weights, spinning, jumping, boxing, martial arts, Crossfit, Cycling, Athletics, Running, and many other of those activities where the rest period is as important as the training period, so don’t hesitate to give it a try from now on.

Some final tips related to using the Tabata Workout Timer that we think you should keep in mind have to do with what we will have to upload our own music files to be added to the application. Then, we can set pauses in our trainings when a call arrives, directly by means of the “Device ID / Call-Info” permission.

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