TechTool ProToGo, self-booting Mac diagnostic tool

TechTool ProToGo, self-booting Mac diagnostic tool

The ProToGo software is supplied on a DVD that includes a configuration application, TechTool Pro Classic (for Mac OS 9 systems), TechTool Pro 4 (for Mac OS X), and DiskStudio disk configuration software.

ProToGo allows you to boot most Macs, diagnose and repair hard drive problems, test major hardware components, scan for viruses and system conflicts on “Classic” systems, optimize and defragment disk volumes, rebuild directories , recover data, and dynamically adjust hard drive partitions without data loss, according to Micromat.

The system requirements are Mac OS X 10.4 or later, DVD-ROM drive, 512 MB RAM, and an external FireWire device such as an old iPod. The estimated price of the ProToGo software is $ 135.