The entire Beatles music catalog on the iTunes Store?

Previous rumors about this possible release said that perhaps certain songs would begin to be available coinciding with Valentine’s Day: February 14, Valentine’s Day. But more recent reports say that the safest thing is that if the rumors are confirmed, the date will perhaps be in June coinciding with the launch in the United States of the iPhone.

In the news, it is stated that it is very likely that they will start offering at least 11 of their albums, which would be released in chronological order starting with the album Please, Please Me, between March and June. The same report also suggests that the Beatles’ music catalog may be available in the same month of June.

As indicated, Apple and Apple Corps would offer the remastered music in digital format exclusively through the iTunes Store for 3 months. At the same time it is indicated that Apple plans to make a special announcement during the SuperBowl on February 4, but the report rules out that this announcement could be related to The Beatles.