The highlights of the Macworld Expo

The highlights of the Macworld Expo

The “Best Featured Products” awardees were selected by Macworld editors and chosen from products that have recently been unveiled or made their public debut at the show. This year, Macworld editors have chosen 11 products that stood out in a particular field.

“We have found a way to share the best products on display at Macworld with attendees,” said Jason Snell, Macworld Editorial Director. “Our outstanding representation allowed us to distinguish the best products from the event, demonstrating why our writers chose them as the best that Macintosh computer users can get.”

Roxio Toast 8 Titanium: Application for recording discs and DVDs with very high performance and new features such as compatibility with TiVoToGo and recording on Blu-ray media. Roxio secured an exclusive agreement with TiVo to include TiVoToGo for Mac and is the first to offer the ability to write to Blu-ray discs ($ 99.99).

Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate (Build 3120) from Parallels: Virtualization software that enables Mac Intel users to run different operating systems on their computer. They recently added support for USB 2.0 devices and for dragging and dropping items between virtual environments ($ 79.99).

Adobe Premiere Pro from Adobe: Adobe has reintroduced Premiere for Mac after a three-year absence. The new version is for Intel Macs only and is a video editing application. It is part of the Adobe Production Studio suite that includes Adobe Encore DVD and Adobe Soundbooth (pricing is yet to be confirmed).

Adobe Photoshop CS3 from Adobe: A free beta of the popular image-editing tool was released in December and was Adobe’s main attraction during the show. Photoshop CS3 adds native Mac support from Intel for the first time. Equally significant is the addition of numerous new features like the Quick Select Tool.

Prey and Aspyr Media: First person action game that puts you in the shoes of a Cherokee Indian who has to fight against an alien invasion. It incorporates features borrowed from Cherokee mythology and comes across as an excellent game for MacBook Pro, Intel iMac, and Mac Pro systems ($ 49.99).

George from Chestnut Hill Sound: A new radio alarm clock for iPod with a detachable front panel that doubles as a remote control and offers full control over playback via an LCD screen. It also allows you to classify radio stations into categories ($ 599, based on load).

IntelliScanner mini from IntelliScanner: Scanner and capture software to keep all kinds of collections organized and classified based on product barcodes. It is a very small scanner and its possibilities can be expanded ($ 299).

Axiotron and OWC’s ModBook: These two companies have teamed up to turn a MacBook into a “tablet” type of computer. It is a modification that makes a Macbook manageable with the help of a pointer, integrates a 13.3-inch panoramic touch screen and optionally GPS location capabilities. It has a magnesium casing and maintains all the features of a MacBook ($ 2,279 for the entry-level model).

NEC LCD2690WUXi: 25.5-inch widescreen with 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution, screen rotation and module to enhance color reproduction ($ 1,699.99).

Apple Apple TV: Multimedia box for the living room that allows you to play the multimedia contents stored in the Mac, on a sound system and TV, through wireless connectivity. Apple TV connects to the television via HDMI connectivity or component video input and sound ports. It offers automatic synchronization with Mac and PC, at the same time it has a 40 GB hard drive to store content. You can access the contents of up to 5 computers ($ 299).

Apple iPhone: The iPhone includes the main features of the iPod, a smartphone and a laptop in a single device, but with a panoramic screen and a touch-based information input system. The iPhone uses Mac OS X, has iTunes integration and can easily sync data with a Mac, PC, or Internet services, including music and videos from iTunes, contacts, calendars, photos, notes, bookmarks, bookmarks, and emails from multiple email accounts ($ 499 for the 4GB model and $ 599 for the 8GB model).


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