The iPhone has arrived, from Linksys

According to Javier Gómez, Regional Manager Southern Mediterranean at Linksys, “[los dispositivos iPhone de Linksys] they offer users interesting Internet services, and allow them to know when their contacts are available so they can call them and access personal content, such as music, movies and live video cameras. “

IPhone phones are compatible with Skype and Yahoo! Voice Messenger; being able to switch between free voice over IP services or traditional telephone services.

The Dual Wireless Voice Kit for Yahoo! Messenger (CIT310) allows customers to access integrated information services such as the local search service Yahoo! and weather forecasts.

The Linksys iPhone family also includes Wireless-G IP (WIP330) devices that integrate the SIP standards-based VoIP protocol, and can also be used to listen to music, view photos and download videos from the Internet, as well as combine the product with wireless video cameras from the manufacturer.

The iPhone Kit for Dual-Mode Internet Telephony for Skype (CIT400) and iPhone Wireless-G for Skype (WIP320) will be available in Q1 2007.