The iPhone still gives a lot to talk about

Here we show you some of the most curious and fun things that have been published on the web referring to the iPhone. Apparently (as evidenced by the fact that yesterday on the Amazon Germany page the iPhone was number one in sales with almost a year left for its commercialization), there are many people who do not have enough patience to use the iPhone and have engineered to satisfy, even in part, your craving for the spectacular Apple phone.

Interface modifications for PDA

There are various modifications of the user interface proposed by various developers that serve to, for example, turn a smartphone based on the Palm OS or Windows Mobile operating system into an “iPhone”.

Users of Palm Treo phones based on Palm OS can provide their terminal with an interface that imitates that of the iPhone thanks to iPhony (a program that changes the Palm OS application launcher for another one with icons identical to those of the iPhone). This tool can also be used by users of other phones that use Palm OS as the operating system, although the interface is optimized for the Palm Treo screen. Owners of a Windows Mobile terminal, more specifically HTC models, can join the xda-developers developer forum to take part in an unfinished proposal that will allow one of these phones to “turn” into something similar to an iPhone.

The news that refers to the iPhone has been collected in Palminfocenter and from there you can access the download of the application:

For information on the adaptation project for HTC models, visit:

The “cut-out” iPhone

If you don’t have a Palm OS or Windows Mobile-based phone to modify, don’t worry, you can also have a cardboard iPhone for a small fee: a color print of a cut-out template (created in a PDF) and a little glue . If you want to give it more consistency, you just have to print it on cardboard and fill it with paper. They say that it becomes confusing if you don’t look very closely. It is a creation of and is also available in editable format for Illustrator. You can download the template from this link:

Commercial “apocryphal”

Of course, on many video montages based on the iPhone have already been placed, one of the most sympathetic increases the benefits of the iPhone to demonstrate, with an ironic touch that it is a true multipurpose knife and also offers the function of: bottle opener, razor electric, hair dryer, mouse trap, mustard dispenser, cheese grater, ultrasound machine, treadmill, children’s thermometer, shower handle, etc. Very funny, although it is in English. You can see it at this link: