The Nike + iPod kit in any sneaker

The Nike + iPod kit in any sneaker

Marware has created two new iPod accessories to complement the Nike + iPod package, the Sportsuit Sensor + and the Sportuit Relay. In the first case, it consists of a small neoprene sleeve to fix the sensor in the laces of the sneaker and to be able to use it together with the sports shoes of any manufacturer (without the need to have a pair of Nike + shoes, which have a specific compartment for the sensor under its template).

While the Sportuit Relay consists of a package that includes the Sportsuit Sensor + case and a nenoprene armband case for iPod nano 2G that has a special compartment where the receiver unit of the Nike + iPod kit can be housed (the one in charge of receiving the information from the shoe sensor).

The Sportsuit Sensor + is already on sale for 9.95 EUR, the Sportuit Relay kit (case and bracelet) at a price of 29.95 EUR. In both cases the price includes VAT.