The rubik’s cube has more combinations than seconds the universe

The rubik’s cube has more combinations than seconds the universe

Many must have already realized that the logo of this blog is a Rubik’s cube; Not in vain did I choose this “toy” to represent the philosophy of the blog, because on the one hand, if we orient a cube solved in the right angle, we get the 3 colors of the Colombian flag; and on the other hand this small object represents very well the Geek culture, full of a lot of fun and at the same time a lot of science.

The armed rubik's cube has on 3 of its faces the colors of the Colombian flag

The armed cube has the colors of the Colombian flag on 3 of its faces

Math behind rubik’s cube combinations

Speaking of science, this great little puzzle hides much more than what our eyes can see. Thanks to Diego de Pereda better known as The Cube Guru, who recently contacted me to share with us a great infographic that he created, where he explains in a very clear way, the immense amount of possible combinations that can be achieved with the pieces of a rubik’s cube, let’s see it below.


If we counted the seconds that have passed since the estimated beginning of the universe approximately 13.7 billion years ago and for every second we made a movement in the cube, obtaining each second a new combination, we would not have exhausted even 1% of the possible combinations that offers us the same! In this vein, as the Guru says, affirming that we have managed to solve the cube by pure chance is practically impossible to believe.

In total, a Rubik’s cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations

You must be very methodical, and clearly know the rules of the cube to be successful in solving it. In fact, when you understand the mechanics of it very well, you can get to solve it much faster than you imagine. Those who are experts in the field are able to solve them in a few seconds and there are those who are even capable of solving them with their eyes closed after looking at the cube only once before starting to solve it.

I invite you to visit the website of Diego the guru of rubik’s cubes and marvel for a long time with all that we can learn about this great puzzle. By the way, do some of you know master ball? When I was little they gave me one of them, and it turns out to be as complicated to solve as the cube, in fact I still have it in my room next to a rubik’s cube waiting to be solved.

master ball the rubik's cube sister

The spherical version of the Rubik’s cube, the Master Ball

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