The rumor about an Apple tablet PC reappears

The rumor about an Apple tablet PC reappears

Remember the rumor about the iPhone? That was last week. The new rumor seems to reopen the old debate about whether the Cupertino company will be preparing a Mac OS X-based tablet PC.

Citing “industry sources,” the Smarthouse website indicates that Apple “has a working prototype of a Mac tablet PC.” The information adds that the concession for the manufacture of said device is still open between three possible Taiwanese manufacturers. In principle, the availability of the product could be in mid-2007.

According to published information, the Intel processor-powered tablet has been designed to run third-party applications, including home automation software and security cameras, as well as to provide wireless connectivity.

The information also claims that the tablet is a “fully functional PC” and reveals that Apple is currently testing new wireless speaker systems.

The device also has a base station that allows users to connect the tablet to displays equipped with an HDMI connector. The dock also has its own capacity to store movies. Something that, together, could well be indications of some version of the iTV.