Tinder Share your musical tastes from Spotify on Tinder! When we think of the main applications to listen to or download music …

Tinder Share your musical tastes from Spotify on Tinder! When we think of the main applications to listen to or download music …

When we think of the main applications for listening to or downloading music around the world, more than once we have mentioned that there are famous such as mp3xd or Spotify, although today we are going to stop at the second one. And it is that if you usually use it as your usual music player, and If you have a profile on the social dating network Tinder, now you have a more than interesting option.

Indeed, many people believe that sharing musical tastes with their partner is important, and this is what the developers of Tinder, one of the most famous dating apps, seem to have understood. It is that in the last hours, it has just been announced that we can sync our Spotify music directly to our Tinder account, so that others can see what we listen to.

These two applications, which have between them many users around the world, many of whom we could consider within the category of “millennials”, have then come together to become much more powerful. The idea is that when we go to look for a “match” on Tinder, Now let’s observe a new aspect of that person that we like, neither more nor less than the music they listen to..


Tinder now supports Spotify music

As we said then, if Tinder is usually in charge of suggesting meetings with people with whom we have coincidences with each other, or also through preferences between mutual friends and common interests, now music will be another factor to consider, once we have met taken the trouble to choose a musical theme that we will have to select as a “personal hymn”.

Basically, this personal hymn will be our favorite song of that moment or forever, and it will be seen as one of the aspects that those who see us on Tinder can check to see if we attract or interest them. Thus, you can see and listen to the main Spotify artists and swipe to see who shares your same taste, between genre and type of music

How to sync Spotify and Tinder?

If you want to sync your Spotify and Tinder accounts, the first thing you have to do is go to the music application and select your personal hymn, something that is possible even if we have not yet connected one account with the other. After that we go to Tinder, and in Profile Settings we will see what is available the option that will allow us to connect our Spotify account with that of this social network to link.

We subsequently select which are our favorite artists, which are the ones that other Spotify users will see when they enter our profile, and it is a process that should take us just a couple of seconds. As we slide then we can see who shares our same musical tastes, and who knows, maybe love enters our ears.