Toon Boom Studio adds animated elements

Toon Boom Studio adds animated elements

Toon Boom Studio provide digital drawing tools, the ability to scan manually created animations, synchronization tools, 3D spatial modeling, and various export options. It can be used to create projects with publication on the Web, TV and other media.

Version 3.5 of Toon Boom Studio adds various options to facilitate the animation of elements over time. A transform tool lets you animate movement, scaling, rotation, and rotation by inserting reference frames. Also included has been a new thrown shadow option, color palette import and export capabilities, and the option to export the file in PDF format.

The minimum system requirements are a G4 or higher (including Intel-based Macs), Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later, 512 MB of RAM, 128 MB of available hard disk space, 64 MB of VRAM, and recommends the use of a Wacom graphics tablet. The price for a new license is $ 399.99.