TrueDisc – Burning Damage Resistant Discs

TrueDisc software for Mac OS X allows you to recover the contents of discs that have been damaged, as long as they have been previously recorded with said tool. Erich Ocean, founder of TrueDisc, indicates that “TrueDisc is the simplest and safest way to record important files, photos, music or any other type of data.”

TrueDisc records conventional files on double-layer CD-R, DVD-R, DVD + R and DVD + R using a special format resistant to potential disc defects. These files, called “master copies”, can be read later by the TrueDisc software. If the damage suffered by the disk prevents any of the files from being read correctly, TrueDisc automatically uses algorithms to reconstruct the lost information, thus allowing the original information to be recovered even in the event that the disk has suffered severe damage.

TrueDisc requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later and has a license price of $ 89, with an introductory price of $ 52.