Tucano presents its range of Disney accessories

The new collection of computer-related accessories includes items ranging from sleeves, bags and shoulder straps for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, to mouse pads, CD holders, monitor covers and USB mice (Compatible with Mac OS X).

The Disney characters selected to serve as the image of this range are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh and characters from the movie “Cars”. It should be noted that the materials used range from crystal PVC (mats), to various fabrics such as nylon or cordura for covers and shoulder bags. The characters of the production company will be applied on backgrounds that enhance the “vintage” style, such as blue and greenish gray.

The formula applied by Tucano in the creation of these products has been very simple, applying Disney designs on some of its most successful products, such as the Fina shoulder bag, Second Skin neroprene sleeve and Cobra bag, among others.

All the new Tucano products licensed by Disney will be available in Spain from this month, with a price that varies between 9 EUR and 50 EUR, VAT included.

At the same time, Tucano has presented its new website for our country (www.tucano.es), which has a practical tool where users can have all the information on the manufacturer’s products.

Web: www.tucano.es.