Tutorials Did you clear your browser history? Do you need to recover something? We teach you how to do it Obviously every time we surf the Internet everything we visit …

Obviously, every time we browse the Internet, everything we visit is registered in our browser, so if we want to access the same content quickly and easily, we can do it. For those people who have been using computers for a long time, they already have it quite clear, everything we delete from our pc is not permanently deleted so it can always be recovered, even the browsing history.

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The reason you have for wanting to recover the browsing history It can be anything, but we will focus on teaching you how to do it in a simple and fast way.

Recovering deleted browsing history

The best way to retrieve the history is in a nutshell by making a system restore. The way to do it is quite simple and we should only go to Start, after that we go to Programs, and then finish in Accessories, once here we click on System Tools and finally on System Restore.

Then we have another possibility of recovering the history although obviously it becomes more complicated, it is using the log files. The process we must warn can put several things at risk so to take into consideration.


First of all we must go to Start, then in Settings look for the Control Panel, now we go to the folder options part and we put see. In advanced settings we are going to set so that you can see all the hidden files and folders that is disabled by default. In turn we have to deactivate the option that says “hide protected operating system files“So now we will be able to find the record.

We simply have to go to My computer or My PC. After this in the search bar we will have to write “index.dat”Now you should identify the browser’s search history file, and then you should simply restore it.

As you can see, it is possible to recover within everything in a fairly simple way what would be the browsing history. As well as almost everything in Windows can be recovered once deletedEven the files that we delete from the recycle bin are still recoverable, to give you an idea that nothing really finishes being 100% deleted in the Microsoft operating system. Any questions you have leave them in the comments.