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If you have an Android mobile device, especially if it is an Android device that already has years of use, it is quite likely that at some point you have come across the classic message of “Unfortunately the application has stopped”. It is a particularly annoying message because it means that we will not be able to carry out the action we intended, something that will always be useless.

The first thing you have to know about this “Unfortunately the application has stopped” message is that it can affect basically any of the applications that we have installed on our smartphone. From that, we cannot lose sight of either in any way, that it is an inconvenience with which we can come to fight with the appropriate tools.

The message of “Unfortunately the application has stopped” can affect, as we said, practically any of our apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, without differences between them. Therefore, we understand that many of those who regularly read our articles will be interested in the possibility of banishing forever the message “Unfortunately the application has stopped”.


Deleting the Unfortunately the application has stopped

Now, in the same way we have to clarify that to eliminate the message Unfortunately the application has stopped, it will not be necessary to root on our Android mobile device. The interesting thing about the case is that although the message usually appears on older equipment, we will not be losing the warranty for rooting them far from it, so go ahead with it.

Well, we start with the first method which is basically the easiest to remove the Unfortunately the application has stopped. About this we have to say that we will have to go to the Settings of the device, then down until we reach Application Manager, we go to All, and then we remove the app that was causing us the problems, along with its data and cache as well.

If that doesn’t work, we can try our luck with a somewhat stronger trick to eliminate the message Unfortunately the application has stopped, which has to do in the first instance with removing the battery from the device. That is, once we have removed it we wait a few seconds, we put it back, and then we will be able to try to use that app again.

Assuming none of the above methods ended up being effective, we are still left with one last solution that we should consider, and which is of course more blunt than the two mentioned above. In this particular case, it is more a matter of factory resetting the device, something that we should do once a year, but that many try to avoid for different reasons.

For that we go to Settings, Backup, Reset, Factory data reset, and then the process will start automatically, although we always recommend a data backup first. Assuming you are done with this trick, Once the computer has been reestablished, you will have to download all the apps again, including the one that caused the problem, of course.

By means of these tricks that we have taught, you should not have any kind of inconvenience when it comes to deleting the message Unfortunately the application has stopped, although of course There is always our message section so that you can go to it, and comment on any type of doubt that may arise.