Tutorials PC How to install NET Framework In recent times, we have been especially concerned about teaching …

Tutorials PC How to install NET Framework In recent times, we have been especially concerned about teaching …

In the last times, we have been taking particular care to teach many of our readers about the installation of a series of programs that we consider key for computer operation. Indeed, we know that there are many important ones, but there are some essential ones, because otherwise we could not say that Windows works as it should.

Precisely, although what we say could apply to more than one software, we want to talk today specifically about a program like NET Framework, integral within the operation of Windows. And it is that beyond the fact that it is a tool that is usually installed within the most used computer operating system in the world, sometimes we may not have it.

NET Framework 4.5 is included in Windows 8, NET Framework 4.5.1 is included in Windows 8.1, and NET Framework 4.6 is included in Windows 10, and yet … sometimes for different reasons it can be uninstalled. If this is your case, you will find this article especially useful, in which we are going to teach you specifically how to install the NET Framework without thinking too much.


Installing NET Framework

On this special occasion, we are going to teach you then how to install NET Framework, so that we can run the different applications that depend on this program specifically to function. If we need you for something in particular, but this application that requires the NET Framework does not ask us to install it and recommends it, we will have to proceed manually.

Of course in any of the cases it will be necessary to have a reliable Internet connection, of good speed, and to that we have to add then that sometimes it will be necessary to enable NET Framework from the Control Panel. This happens because the system can sometimes consider that it is a foreign component, and therefore disables it for security reasons, although re-enabling it is very simple.

At this point, we go to the Control Panel, we look for the different elements that are part of the programs, and we will see that in Programs and Features it will appear in a moment the option “Activate or deactivate Windows features” which we must enter this time. There we specifically look for NET Framework, and we give the checkbox to enable the program.

We give OK and at that moment we will be counting on the NET Framework services on our computer, which will allow us to be executing each of the functions and applications that require this software. If you do not have it installed there is no problem, since we can locate it on the official Microsoft website very easily, and if you have problems, you can always leave us a comment about it.

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