Using your iPod on the streets of New York could mean a fine

The reason is that Senator Carl Kruger plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit people from listening to music from their portable MP3 players, as well as using electronic devices that can diminish the attention of pedestrians when crossing the street. The legislation would also apply to pedestrians using iPods and other MP3 players, Blackberries, cell phones or other devices.

Kruger’s decision comes motivated by the recent death of three people who were run over when they were crossing streets in Brooklyn and Manhattan, while listening to music with their MP3 players.

According to this legislation that could come into force in a short period of time, violators of this rule could be fined 100 dollars. Remember that in 2001, New York was the first state to adopt a ban on the use of mobile phones while driving, so the acceptance of this legislation is very close.