Vergecast: 5G, Juul and Microsoft phones move to Chromium

This week in The vergecast, Nilay, Paul and Dieter are joined by Edge Science reporter Rachel Becker will discuss what’s happening in the world of Juul – why it’s so popular, how addictive it is, and where it’s restricted.

Also, Qualcomm had a conference in Hawaii this week, so the team goes through the announcements, including the Snapdragon 855 processor and its support for 5G networks.

There’s a lot in between, like Microsoft ditching its Chrome competitor strategy, the latest with SpaceX and RCS Chat on a single phone, so listen to the entire episode to get everything you need.

02:05 – Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 855 processor for 5G phones

18:36 – “This week at Elon Musk” with Liz Lopatto

12:49 PM – Juul and vaping with Rachel Becker.

42:14 – Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge browser in Chrome and bringing it to the Mac

56:29 – Paul’s Weekly Segment “Good netbook, man!”

59:10 – Verizon to launch RCS Chat on Pixel 3 on December 6

1:00:00 – Google is closing Allo

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