Videator 3.0, video application with DJ functions

Videator 3.0, video application with DJ functions

Videator has been designed to be useful for multiple purposes such as the manipulation of content in video format. Allows live video sessions to take place; make movie slideshows from photos; edit existing videos non-destructively; mixing music and other sound content with moving images; access to Core Image plug-ins; use of effects based on time; layers of text, images and other videos (one on top of the other); fractal model samples and much more.

Some of the most notable new features of version 3.0 is “Wire to Sound” which allows you to dynamically change effects based on the sound input; mixing of video layers and filters at any speed; setting up an effect set to use during a live session; selection of transitions that let you choose your destination between still images or videos; export to GIF and Flash format; among the most noteworthy.

For its correct operation, Videator needs Mac OS X v10.4 or a higher version and it is a free update for all registered users of the application. Videator is priced at $ 50.