VMWare presents a beta version of its virtualization software for Mac OS X

Virtualization has become a big issue since Apple started using Intel processors in its computers.

The possibility of controlling applications with a speed close to the native one has left behind one of the most important disadvantages for those who wanted to switch to the Mac OS X platform. Now one of the most prestigious companies in virtualization and with more experience in this scope, VMWare, has entered the scene with a beta for Mac OS X users.

The Macintosh virtualization market is led by Parallels, which continues to release beta versions of its products to improve usability. The main characteristics of these tools are very similar, but each one proclaims its advantages over those of the competition. VMWare claims that its virtual machines based on existing VMWare products ensure greater compatibility, including virtual machines created by VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server, and VMware Infrastructure 3.

For more information on the VMWare beta and to download it visit the VMWare website.

Web: www.vmware.com.