Wallpapers The best HD wallpapers for the cell phone Many times, when we have been with the same smartphone for some time, we can …

Many times, when we have been using the same smartphone for some time, we can get a little bored with its factory-defined wallpapers, and although we can change them among those that are available, they are not always beautiful or have motifs or themes that interest us . It is precisely for this reason that it has been necessary for a long time, we believe, to teach our readers, what are the best HD wallpapers for mobile that you should take into account in these cases.

The first thing we have to mention in this regard, is that fortunately in this case we are going to stop at the operating system Android, which everyone should know as it is much more customizable than iOS, which comes on Apple’s mobile devices. Indeed, all the applications that we must consider below are for Android terminals, although in due course we will also make a similar article for Apple terminals, so you should also be careful.

One of the best ways to customize Android mobile devices is, then, to change the wallpapers that come by default, and It is precisely for this reason that we are going to show you several applications, many of which have many HD wallpapers. On this occasion we are going to mention from the most famous to some lesser known, although you have to consider that each user can take one of them as a favorite, leaving aside others, so let’s see them.


The best wallpapers for Android

Zedge (download)

Undoubtedly, when we think about the best wallpaper applications for mobile devices, we have to mention Zedge in the first instance, who is also one of the best when we think about the complete customization of our smartphone. For the rest, in Zedge you will find an endless amount of high resolution wallpapers, which you can download one by one, searching among a selected gallery of images that are divided into different categories.

Ringtones and backgrounds for me (download)

Ringtones and backgrounds for me is another very interesting application in this segment. In your case, we have to consider first of all that you have a very well organized catalog, both of ringtones and wallpapers. The best thing is that they are perfectly divided according to the theme, so that if we already know what we are looking for, it will save us a lot of time.

Audiko (download)

Audiko It should not go unnoticed within this segment either, if we consider that it is another very good alternative if the first two ringtone applications have not finished conforming to you, especially since we can also use the songs that we already have on the smartphone to cut them, set them as a ringtone, and much more. Of course, we will also find themes of the application, of course.

Melodies and wallpapers (download)

Melodies and wallpapers is the fourth of our ringtone applications for mobile. Melodies and wallpapers has all kinds of content that allow almost complete customization of our smartphone, and among them we can mention wallpapers, apps, internal games, etc. It also has a huge amount of sounds, so you should take it into account.

Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor (download)

Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor It is another very good option, the last one that we are going to show you in this case by reviewing the best HD wallpaper apps. In your case, we have to say in this regard that it is much simpler than other applications in the same segment, so it would not be bad to start with it if we have not experienced good feelings with other more complicated ones. It also has songs, so you can find them on your mobile in just a second.

Which of these wallpaper apps is your favorite?