Warcraft III is now Universal Binary

Players who play Warcraft III online, using Blizzard’s Battle.net servers to search for opponents, will see how the update will be done automatically on their Mac the next time they connect to play. At the same time, you can download the update from the Blizzard website (within the user support area).

In addition to the Universal Binary feature for Intel Macs, the update also includes bug fixes and some changes of various importance (two new multiplayer maps and the modification of three maps). Players will also be able to observe the fps, or images per second, that they are playing. To do this, they only have to enter the command “/ fps” within the game console.

Blizzard also informs users that patch changes the arrangement of files within the game folder. As a result, the developer indicates that users of the “Frozen Throne” extension pack must first install “Reign of Chaos”, then install “Frozen Throne” from the CD and then apply the update 1.21 to Universal Binary. Blizzard has confirmed that: “if you install the v1.21 patch and then try to install” Frozen Throne “it will not install correctly.”

Web: www.blizzard.com/war3.