What iLife is missing (1). GarageBand ’08

For this reason, in this series of small complements to this article we offer you some of what we think are the most urgent or interesting improvements that Apple should carry out in its applications for “digital life”.

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GarageBand 08: what we are missing

Okay, GarageBand is a great tool for creating music, soundtracks, and podcasts.

It is an excellent tool for those who do not know music and for fans who want to express their musical ideas and there is nothing like it on the market.

But still, there are still details that Apple can improve in its future versions to make it even more attractive.

We have come up with the following possibilities:

1.- Such a definitive noise reducer as they have applications such as SoundTrack Pro, it would be ideal to improve, above all, video recordings or for instruments or effects that introduce a lot of noise such as guitars or microphones.

It is true that in the Voice Enhancer effect there is a control to reduce noise, but a more complete tool would be interesting.

2.- In the field of notation, It would be very interesting, in addition to being able to write the chords and lyrics in a window to compose the scores, to have a guitar tablature view in the style of Guitar Pro, which would certainly be appreciated by fans of this instrument.

If it were also compatible with the thousands of Guitar Pro files that users create to share songs and guitar exercises, then even better.

3.- Easier to write bases and accompaniments. It would also be great to have automated patterns from the chords, that is, to be able to enter a bass or keyboard pattern and write the chords (like Fmaj7 / G7 / Cmaj7, etc) that these patterns should follow.

4.- More variety of guitar and bass amp simulators and a new interface for these.

We are not asking Apple to directly integrate amp simulations like those offered by AmpliTube, Guitar Rig or Waves GTR, but making improvements in this regard would also be greatly appreciated.

5.- Correct my voice and put choruses on it. Also, some improvements in the pitch corrector and the incorporation of a harmonies generator for voices or guitars in the style of the specialized modules of TC Helicon, Steinberg or Antares would be very interesting.

We are not asking Apple to include tools as comprehensive as those from these manufacturers, but with something simple and practical, we could all greatly improve one of the weaker parts of most home productions.