What iLife is missing (3): iMovie "08

However, and bearing in mind that it is after all a version 1.0 of the “new era” iMovie, here are some aspects that we would like to see improved in future reviews of the product.

Integration with iDVD. Okay, we still have access to iMovie HD, and now it’s free; but nobody likes to have two applications installed to do practically the same thing. Hopefully, a future version of iMovie will return, at a minimum, the iDVD integration features that allowed for example to define chapter markers. Keep in mind that one of the original strengths of the iLife suite was the excellent integration between all applications, something that has been lost in part with the radical change of iMovie ’08.

Correspondence of supported formats between applications. It is somewhat disconcerting that some of the video formats that the latest version of iPhoto recognizes without problems are not compatible with the iLife application, which is precisely focused on video editing (as is the case for example with the .3GP format) . It would be desirable for Apple to smooth out these differences and add to the iMovie repertoire the support of more video formats … domestic or mostly used by mobile devices and that precisely corresponds to the approach taken by the new version of the product.

Selection tools. I definitely prefer the new selection tools, they are more intuitive and therefore allow faster editing … except when the video clip is divided between two different rows, since currently it only allows us to extend a selection until the end of the line, unable to move to the next. We hope that this “bug” will be solved with an update.

Print. Yes, now iMovie also prints and it is actually a very useful feature although it could be improved. For example, in addition to generating index pages with the keyframes corresponding to the selected events, as is now possible, it would not hurt if it also offered some type of template that also included the information corresponding to the duration of each of the clips, or a selection of the keywords used to categorize them.