WhatsApp Can You Disable WhatsApp Encryption? WhatsApp is one of the most used applications worldwide, …

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications worldwide, but despite the fact that many of us use it every day there are still doubts about it. One of the most common doubts is referring to disable WhatsApp encryption.

Protecting communications

Since smartphones began to arrive and with them a good number of more or less practical applications, instant messaging applications have positioned themselves among users’ favorites.

Today the options are very varied, we can use Yahoo Messenger, Telegram, etc. But without a doubt WhatsApp is still the most popular.

One of the aspects that WhatsApp has been criticized the most is its lack of security by not encrypting messages. However, the app decided to put an end to this problem a few months ago.

Some time ago we were surprised to see that in each and every one of our conversations a message appeared indicating “Messages sent to this group are now secure with end-to-end encryption. Touch for more information “.

This implies that communications are now more secure and that, in principle, no one except the parties involved in the conversation should have access to the content of the messages sent.


Confirm if we have WhatsApp encryption activated

The easiest way to know if the WhatsApp encryption is activated is to go to the beginning of the chat with any of our contacts. There should appear the message that we have indicated previously.

Another option to verify if the chat encryption is active is to access the profile of the person with whom we are talking and check if the option to “Encryption” it’s activated. We should see a box with a QR code and 60 digits.

We still have another alternative to confirm if the chat messages are being encrypted. In this case we will Settings> Account> Security. Here we can see if some kind of encryption is being applied.

The messages you sent are not encrypted

It may happen that the message appears “The messages you send are not end-to-end encrypted”. In this case what we need is update WhatsApp.


Disable WhatsApp encryption, is it possible?

Now that we know more about WhatsApp encryption and the ways in which we can check if it is activated, it is time to analyze if WhatsApp encryption can be disabled.

On this issue, those responsible for the application have highlighted that it is not possible to disable platform encryption. Moreover, if this encryption system could be easily activated and deactivated, then it is almost certain that it would not be adequately performing its function of protecting communications.

Encryption has the ultimate purpose of guaranteeing that no third party can access our communications with another person or persons, so that WhatsApp has not enabled a function that allows us to disable that encryption, thus putting the security of our communications at risk.

What is your opinion of the encryption system used by WhatsApp?