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WhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used in recent times by everyone, but many do not like the fact that it shows the status of our connection, as well as the last time online, since they feel that privacy is too invaded , and many choose to hide it, so that no one can see when was the last hour we decided to stay online, for this we will explain how to Hide WhatsApp online status.

Hide WhatsApp Online Status

But when we hide our status, en WhatsApp line we must take into account several things, the first is that to do so we must access the WhatsApp settings, in this case the second is that you will not be able to see when a whatsapp contact connects for the last time preventing their time from appearing, you will only be able to see if someone is online only when they are both online.

Remove WhatsApp Online Status

To make these changes and hide your online status, WhatsApp is very simple, you just have to perform the following steps:

You must go to the settings, then choose the option, account-> we go to the privacy option, option where several appear but you must select Last time time, since the option is this, now you only have to modify it because by default it is configured so that everyone can see our last connection time we just have to change it for Nobody this way no person Ben be contacts, or any other can see your last connection status, never.

Remove WhatsApp Online Status Samsung

The same can be done only for the other profile photo and whatsapp status options, depending who you want to see it you can configure it to your liking without any problem something that benefits the theme of privacy in this application that had so many security flaws, and in addition to privacy helping the clamor of thousands of people who urgently need these changes in privacy to be present once and for all.

This way we can hide the status whatsapp online, from our cell phone, so that no contact can see our last connection time and in this way, never be the victim of anyone who knows our connection time, ideal for anyone who needs to hide their last connection time or simply raise a little plus the level of privacy in the application for those who spy or constantly check what we do, this is great.