WhatsApp How to copy a message from WhatsAppWhatsApp is the main messaging application in the world, …

WhatsApp How to copy a message from WhatsAppWhatsApp is the main messaging application in the world, …

WhatsApp is the main messaging application in the world, and we are sure that a huge number of people who read our articles every day will use it to communicate with all their contacts and friends, in an extremely easy, fast and also free way . In any case, you have to know that many times there are all kinds of tricks for WhatsApp that we do not take full advantage of, and for that reason, this time we want to mention some of the best.

Well, what happens if we usually use many applications that make use of text, which we believe will happen in many cases, is that it is extremely common to copy a message to send it to someone else, since it is a simpler process many times to write the message twice. Beyond that we have to emphasize that when it comes to copying a WhatsApp message, there are different ways to do it, and that is why we want to teach you some tricks that will be of great help to you.

Indeed, the two methods that we are going to teach you are very different between them, but we are sure that there will be users who will prefer one, and users who, on the other hand, will be more in favor of the other, so we are going to teach you all the details related to each of them. Then you can use the one you like the most, and even use both in some circumstances, since we are sure that this will also depend on what you want to show the other person and many other questions.

Copy WhatsApp message

Copying a WhatsApp message is one of the simplest and most well-known processes that exist, although in case you do not know it, you will see that it makes your life much easier. You have to know that many people, when they are going to copy a message from WhatsApp, what they prefer is to use the method of the screenshot, since they consider that it is much more efficient than all the others in this type of case. Well, we have to tell you then that this method is perfect especially for messages that do not occupy more than one screen.

It is, of course, that we take a photo of the screen with the conversation that we want to show to another contact, and then paste the document itself in the other conversation, with which as you can see, everything is done in just a couple seconds, very easily and quickly. The interesting thing about this system is that it allows us to show the original message as it has been sent, at the same time that we will save time. However, if you prefer another option, you should know that you also have it, so let’s go with it.

As we said, there is another alternative in case you prefer not to take a screenshot or screenshot, and you have to know that it is also extremely simple. It is basically a matter of holding down the message you want to copy until a menu with various options is displayed. You will see that one of the options that appears in these cases is to Copy the message, so you must select it, and as soon as you go to the other message and press on the text box to write, you can quickly Paste.

Have you been able to copy your WhatsApp messages with this step by step?

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