WhatsApp now allows you to put the middle finger out of your friends with their new emojis

Whatsapp emojis

Throughout this year WhatsApp It has been constantly updating to add new features to improve the user experience. The first and most important of these was the arrival of the in-app calls, which were a hit that responded to user requests for years.

Then came the version whatsapp web For Android users that despite not being a universal solution because it still depends on whether you have your cell phone connected, it is much appreciated. Now WhatsApp is bringing a bit of inclusion to its emojis by adding in a test version (2.12.222) the possibility of choosing the skin tone of all the emojis that relate to human figures.

Whatsapp emojis

Racial inclusion now in emojis

But not only that, among the new emojis try this version of whatsapp is the famous middle finger. An unfriendly gesture on some occasions, but above all very funny and surely the community had been asking for years as well. Also for the most Geeks there is the spock salute for you to welcome your colleagues in the best Vulcan style.

Whatsapp emojis

Spock salute to the best vulcan style

To get this new version, go directly to the whatsapp page and download and install the APK manually. The update may arrive in a few days but it never hurts to anticipate. Keep in mind in any case, that these new emojis Only those who have the same version of whatsapp will be able to see them.

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