Windows 10 The best secrets of Cortana in Windows 10 Cortana is the virtual assistant developed by the people of Microsoft …

Cortana is the virtual assistant developed by the people of Microsoft to be used in their different environments, from Windows Phone to Windows 10, and by the way, it has been quite successful since its appearance on the market. In any case, we cannot lose sight of in any way that although it works for any version of Windows, some of its tricks are useful only in the most recent, Windows 10.

In general terms, we have to emphasize that when we are talking about Cortana, we are talking about a virtual assistant specially developed to search for something, either online or offline, working in the same way. Cortana will try to give us a hand in any way we need it, and it also has other interesting elements, as support in the search of applications, etc.

Cortana Tricks Windows 10

Cortana tricks for Windows 10

Email using Cortana

One of the main tricks that Cortana lets us access in Windows 10, or at least one of the ones that I use the most, is the one used to send different content by email, as it saves a lot of time. To send emails using Cortana, we just have to execute the command “Email” with the voice, and then add only the recipient, the subject and the message.

Perform calculations with Cortana

Cortana also has some other utilities for those of us who have to do accounts for different reasons, in relation to which we can replace the classic calculator application with this application without problems. Thanks to our main virtual assistant today, we can carry out the resolution of any simple equation, but also factor calculations and many others.

Use Cortana as a currency converter

If for different reasons you have to use Cortana as a currency converter, this little virtual friend can give us a hand without problems, and even help us buy currencies that are not those of our own country. Thanks to its notifications, you will be able to stay fully informed about whether the price of your coins has recently increased or fallen, compared to others or by itself.

Use Google in Cortana

If Google is the main search engine in the world, we are convinced that Cortana has made more than a good move by including it among its contents, to the extent that it can provide us with many solutions. And is that although Bing is the search engine that comes by default, we can replace it with Google without problems, and thus improve all the results of our searches.

Get weather reports

If you are about to take a trip or for some special reason you have to know how the weather is in different places, you should know that Cortana has all the information about it, just a couple of clicks away. Thanks to Cortana, you will have the possibility of accessing the main weather data in all the locations you want to know, without many turns or having to enter other sites.

Customize the search box

The search box that comes by default in Cortana is quite annoying for many users who have not hesitated to let developers know, and for that reason it is interesting to note that we can customize it. Indeed, we can use its taskbar to modify many of the essential aspects that make up the virtual assistant, so do not hesitate to explore it a bit.

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