Windows How to Format a PC With Windows 8.1 and 10 in a Very Simple Way One of the things that I think is almost fundamental is to learn …

One of the things that I think is almost fundamental is learning to format an operating system, you never know when it can be useful to leave your Windows 8 as if it had just left the factory. In addition to that we save a few dollars in technical service for something that in all is quite simple in reality and that every 6 months is recommended to do it.


Whatever the case, whether you have a malfunction on your PC or have any kind of problems, in this article I am going to give you a mini tutorial on how to format Windows 8 or rather factory restore Windows 8, because at last from this version Microsoft thought of users who do not have much knowledge in terms of formatting and it has made the task considerably easier.

Now we could say that it is almost a method similar to that of a Smartphone, very simple and practical above all things to have our computer ready and clean when we want.

How to factory reset Windows 8

The first thing you will have to do is go to the start menu, at the bottom left and once pressed on the Windows icon, write the search, you must put “Setting”.

Now once you are in PC configuration all you have to do is go to where it says Update and recover, once you locate that option, click on it.

Once in that place we are going to find three different options among which this Windows Update, then File History and the last Recovery, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Now in this window we have several options to proceed and you should be very clear about what you really want.


The first option is “Restore your PC without affecting your files”. With this option you can restore all the settings without losing any kind of personal file, be it notepad, images, videos, etc.

The second option is “Remove everything and reinstall Windows”Which in a few words would be to restore Windows from the factory, it would be as if you were formatting it, keep in mind that with this option all personal data will be eliminated and Windows will leave you as if you had just installed it.

Remember that you will need the Windows installation CD with any of these options, once you click on any of the options you will be asked.