Windows How to use Android on Windows. Quick and Easy You are not the only person who has really wanted to …

You are not the only person who has really wanted to use the applications that you usually find in Android on your computer. Is it possible? It’s free? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes, it is totally possible and it is free. I’ll tell you what not as simple as searching for an app in the store but it is not as complicated as looking for a needle in a haystack, so rest assured.


Surely you will find that there are many who say that Andy, GenyMotion or Youwave is betterWait, don’t you know what I’m talking about? What I just named you are emulators, they make it possible for you to install programs that did not come out for computers exactly on your computer. Now, I will not tell you that the emulators that name just are bad but the best, at least for me it is not any of these, I recommend download BlueStacks.

But do not worry because I will give you a guide so that you can follow step by step to be able to correctly install this Android emulator on Windows. The procedure is quite simple so there is no chance that you will get lost, in a matter of a few minutes you will be able to enjoy everything that Android offers you on your computer, as long as you have these versions of Windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and others.

How to install Android

First you have to download BlueStacks which you will find on the official page. Once it finishes downloading, you will have to find where you saved it, once you see it you’re going to press it. After you press a security warning will appear, this is because it is a third-party file but you have nothing to worry about since the download will have been made from the official site.

BlueStacks emulator

Then you will have to press execute to continueWhen finished, a dialog box will appear that will welcome you into the installer. You click on the button that says continue remember that you have to accept all the terms of the license agreement so you can move on. You will find a list of options that you have to check yes or yes, some of them are App Store Access, App Notifications and Subscription. Then you are going to go to the default settings and click on the button that says install.

Now the installer will indicate several images that will give you examples of Android applications and games that you will be able to run directly on your computer, for the moment you just have to wait for the installation to finish. When it is finished, BlueStacks will automatically start up, you just have to wait for the whole procedure to finish and then you will be able to run Android on your computer without any problem. As you will have noticed it is easy, all you need is a little patience since you will have to wait several seconds or minutes several times.