Windows Phone Converting my Windows Phone into a Universal Remote Control Obviously it is quite necessary to have a remote control for each …

Evidently it is quite necessary to have a remote control for each device that we haveThis is simply because it ends up making life too easy for us. Imagine that we had to get up every time we had to, for example, change the television channel or have to get close to the air to be able to change the temperature. In short, the controls of each of the products that we have at home are extremely useful as they make life simpler and above all more comfortable.


Download remote control for Windows Phone

One of the best applications for this operating system and for converting your Smartphone into a remote control in a few words is Vectir Remote. With this application in a few words what you will be able to do is control a television from your Smartphone easily, although it is not only useful for televisions.

It also serves as a remote control for the keyboard and even the mouse. We can have control of our desktop. It obviously serves to be able to reproduce varied multimedia. Y Best of all, we can fully control a smartTV.

Keep in mind that this application is compatible with a limited number of Nokia Lumia or Microsoft Lumia. In this case, the devices that are compatible with said app are the following:

  1. Nokia Lumia 435
  2. Nokia Lumia 520
  3. Nokia Lumia 530
  4. Nokia Lumia 532
  5. Nokia Lumia 535
  6. Nokia Lumia 550
  7. Nokia Lumia 630
  8. Nokia Lumia 635
  9. Nokia Lumia 640
  10. Nokia Lumia 650
  11. Nokia Lumia 735
  12. Nokia Lumia 830
  13. Nokia Lumia 920
  14. Nokia Lumia 950
  15. Nokia Lumia 1020
  16. Nokia Lumia 1320


Nor is there a huge variety of Lumia devices, so it is possible that yours is here. This app is quite interesting since it allows us to control many devices to the maximum from just one. It happens to me that I have several controls in my home which end up generating a real mess when it comes to controlling these devices since I always have to walk with a minimum of two of them. So that these apps allow us in a few words to control everything with our mobile which makes life much easier since we almost always have our mobile on us.