Maria Montero

You can now make Microsoft Skype calls in India using …

Microsoft video and voice calling platform. Skype is now available in Amazon Alexa Devices in select countries, including India.

With this integration, users can make and receive Skype calls hands-free on their Echo devices.

“In addition to Skype video and audio calls, we offer Alexa users the ability to call most landline and mobile phone numbers via Skype on the phone,” the Skype team wrote in a post from the blog on November 20.

Representative image. Reuters

Users of the Alexa application can integrate and activate the new feature from the Settings menu in the Communications option, where they can select the link to add a Skype account.

“To celebrate the availability of Skype calls with Alexa, Skype is offering 200 free Skype minutes for phone calls to 34 countries. including the US, Canada, China and India among others (terms apply), “the post added.

Skype-to-Alexa calls have come first to the US, Britain, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand, with support for other countries coming soon.

On November 19, Amazon launched “Alexa Skill Blueprints”, which allows users to create custom skills and responses in India.

With this feature, unlimited custom skills can be created and shared to be used as a link with family and friends via email, text, WhatsApp, or social media such as Facebook and Twitter.