Among Us How to play Among Us? – Know all the roles of the crew In the world of online games we are used to…

Among Us How to play Among Us? – Know all the roles of the crew In the world of online games we are used to…

In the world of online games we are used to the fact that at any moment one can come out that becomes a trend. Among Us (among us) has become one of the most popular in recent times. From 4 to 10 people can participate, where two are assigned the role of ‘Enemy’, and this must eliminate the rest of the crew.

The game takes place in a spaceship where the allies take care of find out who the impostor is. In this way, being able to eliminate him and fulfill the mission is a very entertaining game, where some really enjoy being the impostor in Among Us. You will also get roles with different abilities.

How are the different roles in Among Us different?

This is a video game of roles that are assigned randomly, that is, in every game you can change character and see that they are different.

You have to know that being in a ship, each one has unique responsibilities, in this way you can interact with the mechanisms and keep it running. While it is discovered who the impostors are, who cause damage.

character the scientist with his tablet

As for the roles, you will find the Scientist, the Engineer who performs specific tasks, the Guardian Angel and the shapeshifter. These are all the characters you play with as the games progress. As soon as you are chosen as an impostor, only you will know about this through a system message.

Scientist Role Skills

It is a crew that keeps all components running. Here we get the character of the scientist. He possesses a very useful ability and that is the digital tablet that he is holding in his hands. He gives you the ability to be able to observe the vital signs of the members of the ship’s crew.

He has information about how each player is doing by looking at variations in vital signs. There is a pattern in the pulsations to determine if he is calm or scared, thus giving a signal that someone is near the impostor.

It can be seen if the person is dead or offline from the tablet. One piece of advice is that you should get allies so you can surviver, so you will have more chances of success.

Engineer Role Tasks

The so-called Engineer has different capabilities than the other avatars that are achieved. He can perform a move that is only allowed to the impostor aggressor, that is, move between ship’s ventilation ducts.

It gives a great advantage to move from one place to another quickly and safely. But you can be mistaken for an impostor and then be ejected into outer space. These ducts are scattered throughout the map.

engineer leaving the pipeline

Many of the people who play Among Us prefer this role due to the versatility it has to flee when required. This skill can be used and remain in the duct between 10 and 30 s depending on what the administrator defines.

You can also use a new in periods between 5 s and 60 s. The engineer is the perfect spy for the crew despite his handicap of being confused and eliminated.

Characteristics of the Guardian Angel role

It’s been some time since the entertaining role-playing game became highly sought after, we can even get it on Nintendo Switch. This is because of the gameplay, simplicity and theme, which is why it is in high demand. In the case of the Guardian Angel, it is a role that is acquired when the first victim fallsshe is assigned an interesting role throughout the drama.

You can scroll through the map floating anywhere. The Angel will be able to throw a protective shield at anyone who is alive, even if it is the impostor.

The effect it will have is that when the one with the shield is attacked it will be heard as if break crystals and an angelic choir. A message will appear on the screen for each one, telling us that the Guardian Angel has protected someone.

The shapeshifter’s disguises

In this part we will meet the ‘Shapeshifter’ which is the role that is assigned to who will be the impostor. This has the ability to shape its appearance by copying a selected player in everything, their characteristics and what they have.

character the guardian angel

Acting cunningly will result in the rise of chaos and fear. In this way, the game can be manipulated, because innocent ejections will be unleashed, thus clearing the way.

The costume appears when an egg completely covers the impostor’s body and then breaks, thus giving the appearance of the copied crewman. He will be able to keep the costume for up to 30s as determined by the match admin, another egg will then spawn, and when broken it will return to its original appearance. After a while, the changeling will be able to make his copy.

What procedure should I follow to activate the roles of Among Us?

On some Among Us server, it always has the same presentation in what would be the game lobby. This is where everything related to the specifications that the game will have. The percentage probability of the distribution with respect to roles and characters among the players. To activate them you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are the host of the game.
  2. Go to custom settings.
  3. In the menu that appears enter the image of the Impostor.
  4. In these settings you can decide how many and which roles you want to activate.